Feeding Walker Kids

Nurturing healthy growth & development in our community.

47% of kids in Walker qualify for free or reduced lunch. 

Feeding Walker Kids supplements the National School Lunch Program by partnering with Walker area Schools to provide children with weekend and summer meals.  Please join us in making a local impact with this growing ministry.

Effects of Hunger on Kids &  Community

Hungry kids experience;  attention deficit, anxiety, depression, and suicide; low cognitive bandwidth, chronic illness, toxic stress, bullying, malnutrition, and negative impact on overall brain development.

Alex R. Piquiero, Professor of Criminology at the University of Texas  studied the relationship between childhood nutrition and impulse control. He found that those who experienced childhood hunger were more prone to being involved in violent acts as adults. 

He concludes:

Something as simple as giving healthy food to kids when they are young is going to have so many more benefits that go on throughout the rest of the kid’s life. And it not only affects the kid, but everyone that kid interacts with.